Humble releases their “Best of 2017” Bundle

Humble releases their

Humble releases their “Best of 2017” Bundle

Humble has released their Best of 2018 bundle, delivering a range of popular games from previous Humble Bundles at bargain prices. All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam, with some included games being available DRM free and with Windows PC, Mac and Linux versions. 

Like most Humble Bundles, revenue raised will be shared between developers, Humble themselves and a charity, with AMURT (a charity specialising in emergency relief and sustainable development) being selected as the chosen charity for the Humble Best of 2017 Bundle. By default, 33.33% of the revenue raised will go to charity, with 15.66% going to Humble and 51% going to the developers of the games included in the bundle. These numbers can be changed by users, allowing all the money raised from specific donations to got to charity if the user wishes.

Those who purchase this bundle can also choose to give money to a different charity if they wish, with hundreds of options to choose from.

Pay What You Want

– Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
– Goat Simulator
– Hacknet

Pay more than Average (currently £3.58)

– Verdun
– Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
– Death Road to Canada
– Turmoil

Pay $10

– Dead by Daylight
– $2 HUmble Wallet Credit (For Humble Monthly Subscribers)



Humble releases their


Those who are interested in the Best of 2017 Bundle can view it and purchase it from the Humble Store. 

You can join the discussion on the Humble Best of 2017 Bundle on the OC3D Forums.