Humble’s VR bundle offers some SUPERHOT value

Humble's VR bundle offers some SUPERHOT value

Humble’s VR bundle offers some SUPERHOT value

Many have called VR headsets a fad, but if recent unit sales are anything to go by, VR is only getting more and more successful. While VR’s major problem has been a lack of AAA content, planned released like Half-Life Alyx will soon change that, existing games like Beat Saber and SuperHot VR already deliver compelling gaming experiences. 

Given VR’s growing sales figures, Humble has decided to create their first VR-only bundle, offering gamers access to titles like SuperHot VR, Moss, Gorn and Budget Cuts at incredibly low prices. This bundle will help generate funding for Wires, the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education service, and another, buyer-selected, charity.

Like most Humble Bundles, the revenues raised by this bundle will be split between Humble, the developers of the bundle’s game selection and one, or more, charity. By default, 65% of the bundle’s revenue will go towards the publishers of the bundle’s games, 20% will go to Humble, and 15% goes to charity. These percentages can be altered however the buyer wishes, allowing all of the bundle’s funding to go to charity if the user desires.

Below is a list of what’s available in each of the Humble VR Bundle’s three tiers. 


– Cosmic Trip
– Smashbox Arena

Pay More than Average (Currently £9.56)

– Budget Cuts
– Space Pirate Trainer

Pay £11.50

– SuperHot VR
– Moss

Humble's VR bundle offers some SUPERHOT value  

The Humble VR Bundle will be available for the next two weeks here.

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