Hyper Scape’s Open Beta is now available on PC

Hyper Scape's Open Beta is now available on PC

Hyper Scape’s Open Beta is now available on PC

Ubisoft has just announced that Hyper Scape has entered Open Beta on PC, adding a new competitor into the Battle Royal landscape. Last week, Hyper Scape was exclusive to streamers and early alpha testers. Now, all PC gamers can access Hyper Scape on Uplay. 

Hyper Scape is a first person shooter where players will duke it out to become the last player standing or the keeper of the crown, offering gamers two victory opinions. 

Unlike traditional battle royale titles, where players only need to survive, with Hyper Scape, gamers can capture a unique item called the crown, which spawns late in the game. If a player can hold the item for long enough, they, and their squad, will win.

Throughout the game, the Hyper Space will be affected a number of unique events, such as low gravity modes, the spawning of health kits and a “reveal” event which presumably shows the location of other players. 

In the future, Hyper Scape will become available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Ubisoft has also confirmed that Hyper Scape will be available on PC through Nvidia’s Geforce Now service. 

More information about Hyper Scape is available here. 

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