Metro Exodus’ final expansion “Sam’s Story” is now available

Metro Exodus' final expansion

Metro Exodus’ final expansion “Sam’s Story” is now available

4A Games has officially released Metro Exodus’ second, and last, expansion, Sam’s Story, which tells the story of a former US Marine, Sam, and his attempts to travel home to America.

Newcomers to the series will wonder what an American is doing in the post World War III Moscow Metro, but series veterans will know the score. He’s a former guard of Moscow’s US embassy and veteran of the Metro Ranger Order. Throughout the series, Sam always dreamed of returning to his homeland, and after the events of Metro Exodus, there’s hope that he may arrive there to see more than just a post-war wasteland.

Sam’s Story will see players forge Sam’s path through Vladivostok and back to the United States. This journey will offer players sandbox gameplay and require all of Sam’s skills to survive. The question now is, will he make it?
With the release of this new expansion, 4A Games has released a launch trailer for Sam’s Story, offering gamers their first glimpse of gameplay from this new expansion. Right now, PC gamers can purchase Metro Exodus’ full expansion pass for £14.99 on the Epic Games Store, which is the same price as Sam’s Story as a standalone DLC. 

Before Metro Exodus releases on Steam, Epic Games is offering the base game and its gold edition with a massive 40% discounts. At the same time, the game’s season pass is available with a lower 25% discount. Metro Exodus will launch on Steam on February 15th, and Epic Games’ reduced pricing will last until Thursday, February 14th at 4 PM GMT. 

Below is 4A Games’ launch trailer for Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story. 

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