Metro Exodus’ Latest Trailers Focuses on Weaponry!

Metro's Latest Trailers Focuses on Weaponry!

Metro’s Latest Trailers Focuses on Weaponry!

The war has left the world of Metro without much in the way of “old world” weaponry, with most antiques from the pre-war era either succumbing to the passage of time and extensive use.    

The Metro is a dangerous place, which means that guns are a necessity, especially for those who want to explore the world above. That means that weapons need to be created using everything that is available, with sub-surface engineers developing a variety of unique and customizable weapons that will give Artyom incredible levels of versatility on the battlefield. 

Yes, some pre-war guns remain, but ammo will rare, which means that players will likely need to use every weapon within their arsenal to survive. Thankfully, each weapon Artyom can carry can be twisted and optimised for your specific playstyle. 

For example, the game’s revolver can be upgraded with a stock, a long barrel and a scope, turning the gun into a medium range rifle. Shotguns can be made even more effective with more barrels, and other weapons like the game’s crossbow and silenced compressed air rifle can be used to take out enemies without making a sound. Every weapon in the game can also be modified on the fly, allowing players to adjust to the changing environment.  


Metro Exodus will release on February 15th on PC, Xbox One and PS4, with the PC version featuring Ray Traced global illumination on PC when used with DXR compliant hardware. 

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