Microsoft details their Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct events

Microsoft dates their Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct

Xbox sets the stage for one of 2023’s largest gaming events for June 11th

Microsoft has announced that they will be hosting their Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th, where the company plans to reveal new games with some first-looks from the company’s first-party studios. Following this event, Microsoft will be handing the showcase over to Bethesda Games Studios, who will be diving deep into Starfield, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023. 

Starfield Direct will immediately follow Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, and at this event Bethesda will showcase new gameplay, developer interviews, and a behind the scenes look at the company’s latest RPG.

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase will start at 6 PM BST on June 11th, with Starfield Direct starting immediately after the end of Xbox’s event. Below is what Microsoft had to say about both events earlier today.

    We’re delighted to announce that the Xbox Games Showcase will be livestreamed on June 11 at 10am PT (local time zones below). Immediately after the Showcase, we’ll be airing Starfield Direct, a deep-dive into Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated sci-fi RPG.

Join us for some new surprises and first-looks from our incredibly talented internal studios, and our many creative partners around the world. This is the day gamers have been waiting for to see what is coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

Starfield Direct will invite you inside Bethesda Game Studios to learn much, much more about Starfield, with tons of new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes insider information.

Like last year, we’ll also have our follow-up stream, Xbox Games Showcase Extended airing June 13 at 10am PT, with in-depth interviews focused on the news from our Xbox Games Showcase as well as game updates from our partners.

You’ll be able to watch our June 11 shows live through a variety of outlets, and in over 30 languages, and American Sign Language, British Sign Language and English Audio Descriptions. 

Microsoft dates their Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct

June 11th will be a big day for Xbox, and their ambitions for both the PC and console market. The success of Xbox and their Game Pass subscription service relies on Microsoft’s ability to create compelling games that will draw players into their gaming ecosystem. Starfield is certain to be a major release for Xbox this year, but Microsoft needs more than just one major release to gain ground from PlayStation within the gaming market. 

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