Mortal Shell’s DLSS/Ray Tracing PC update to release after the game’s next-gen launch

Mortal Shell's DLSS/Ray Tracing PC update to release after the game's next-gen launch

Mortal Shell’s DLSS/Ray Tracing PC update to release after the game’s next-gen launch

Mortal Shell’s next PC update will push the game beyond next-gen, enabling features that are not present within the game’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions. 

On March 4th, Mortal Shell was upgraded for next-generation consoles, offering gamers 60 FPS gameplay, 4K resolutions, higher quality textures and significantly faster loading times. Now that these upgraded versions of the game have launched, PC gamers can expect their own next-generation upgrades, which will be more considerable than the game’s console upgrades. 

On PC, Mortal Shell will be receiving support for Ray Traced Shadows and Nvidia’s DLSS technology, as confirmed by Nvidia back in October 2020. On Reddit, Mortal Shell’s developers have confirmed that these upgrades are still coming to the game’s PC version, but it looks like Nvidia were wrong about the update’s planned November launch date on PC. 

When asked about the game’s DLSS update, one of Mortal Shell’s developers had this to say on Reddit. 

    We haven’t shipped it at this point, but I’m actively working on it now. Doing bug fixing on a build with ray tracing and DLSS.

The team has been very busy with launch and then next gen, so we didn’t get to these features as soon as we’d hoped to.

Mortal Shell’s PC version will soon contain features that the game’s next-generation console versions lack, though at this time, it is unknown when this patch will be ready to release. 

Those interested in the PC version of Mortal Shell should look at our PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide for the game. We plan to create a new performance analysis for Mortal Shell when the game’s DLSS and Ray Tracing updates are released. 

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