New World’s latest Dev Diary discusses the game’s lore and PVP Combat

New World's latest Dev Diary discusses the game's lore and PVP Combat

New World’s latest Dev Diary discusses the game’s lore and PVP Combat

Amazon Games Studios is working on an MMO called New Earth, which places players on a land called Aeternum, a place where monsters and magic are found. 

At this time, relatively little is known about the game, but Amazon’s latest developer diary has shed some light on the game’s lore, factions and PVE elements. 

Outside of New World’s corrupting forces, Aeternum has three factions in the form of the Lost, Angry Earth and the Ancients. The Lost are mindless undead, who are stuck between life and death in a soulless state. Angry Earth is Aeternum’s defence system, the land’s natural power, which has been turned into a force which aims to destroy those who corrupt Aeternum. Lastly, there are the Ancients, an advanced civilisation which has seemingly disappeared from the world. 

Gamers will also have to face the Corrupted, a force which will create dark portals, blockade roads and wreak havoc across the land. This force seems to be the main antagonistic faction of the game, but between the game’s other factions and players, gamers can expect a lot of fighting in the New World. 

Amazon plans to release New World in May 2020 on Valve’s Steam platform. 

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