NIOH 2’s latest trailer details the game’s PC exclusive features

NIOH 2's coming to PC in February 2021 with 144Hz support and more

NIOH 2’s latest trailer details the game’s PC features

NIOH 2’s coming to PC on February 5th, adding to the game support for higher resolutions, 144Hz screens, HDR support and all of the game’s console DLC. PC is getting NIOH 2: The Complete Edition, and it will look and play better than ever before. 

Nioh 2 will also support keyboard and mouse on PC with fully customisable controls. The game will also fully support gamepads for those who prefer them. 

In the trailer below, courtesy of IGN, NIOH footage can be seen at 4K 60Hz, showcasing many of the options that are available to PC players. 60Hz and 120Hz framerate caps can be selected, mouse/keyboard controls can be fully customised, and additional options like shadow quality and motion blur can be adjusted. 

PC gamers will receive the best version of NIOH 2 when the game launches on February 5th. That said, a next-generation version of NIOH 2 appears to be in the works for PlayStation 5 users. On PlayStation 5, NIOH 2 will support 4K resolutions at up to 120FPS, giving PS5 users something similar to the game’s PC experience. 

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