Nvidia plans to host another GTC Digital Conference this October

Nvidia plans to host another GTC Digital Conference this October

Nvidia plans to host another GTC Digital Conference this October

Between October 5th and 9th, Nvidia plans to host a new GTC Digital Conference, showcasing the company’s latest technological innovations, spanning AI, data science, graphics and high performance/edge computing. 

Through GTC, Nvidia plans to teach developers how to best utilise their products through a series of digital events, though it is possible that the company also has new product announcements to make. 

At Nvidia’s latest GTC event in May, Nvidia revealed it Ampere A100, a 40GB graphic card which features absurd levels of computational performance. GTC October 2020 could see Nvidia reveal more new products, such as AMpere-based Quadro graphics cards are new SOCs for self-driving cars. 

On September 1st, Nvidia plans to reveal next generation of Geforce graphics cards, and GTC could also see Nvidia reveal a new Geforce entry for its Ampere product stack, such as an RTX 3060 or 3070 graphics card. 

On October 5th, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang will host Nvidia’s GTC keynote at 6 am PDT (2 PM BST). 


   NVIDIA today announced that it will be hosting its GPU Technology Conference, running Oct. 5-9, and featuring a recorded keynote address by CEO and founder Jensen Huang.

GTC will feature the latest innovations in AI, data science, graphics, high-performance and edge computing, networking, autonomous machines and VR for a broad range of industries and government services. Seven separate programming streams will run across North America, Europe, Israel, India, Taiwan, Japan and Korea — each with access to live demos, specialized content, local startups and sponsors.

“GTC is the only conference that brings together the leading developers, top decision makers in business and government, experts from research institutions and leading platform providers to advance the state of the art in the foremost areas of technology,” said Greg Estes, vice president of corporate marketing and developer programs at NVIDIA. “We’re thrilled to be able to share the amazing work of more than 500 experts from NVIDIA and our worldwide community to solve today’s toughest challenges.”

GTC will include over 500 sessions, including live sessions and on-demand recordings. Live sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions and interact with experts in AI and other fields from a diverse lineup of companies and organizations. Many of the world’s leading technology organizations will be participating. Sponsors include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, VMware, Cisco, Lenovo, ASUS, Booz Allen Hamilton, and IBM.

GTC will also include a series of panels bringing together experts and policymakers to discuss topics ranging from national strategies to equitable AI.

Developers can strengthen their skills by registering to participate in one of 16 full-day training workshops organized by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Available around the world, the workshops teach the latest skills in CUDA®, RAPIDS™, natural language processing and more.

GTC will also feature a full startup track, hosted by NVIDIA Inception, that will include presentations from the world’s leading AI startup CEOs, technical sessions with NVIDIA engineers, and panels with NVIDIA’s top executives on where AI is headed next.

Nvidia plans to host another GTC Digital Conference this October  

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