Nvidia announces that Bioware’s Anthem will support DLSS

Nvidia announces that Bioware's Anthem will support DLSS

Nvidia announces that Bioware’s Anthem will support DLSS

At CES 2019, Nvidia has officially confirmed that Bioware’s Anthem will support the company’s RTX technology, implementing DLSS to deliver increased performance on the company’s Turing-based graphics cards. 

DLSS, Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a technology which is designed to run on Nvidia’s AI-optimised Turing cores, using a Deep Learning algorithm to upscale lower resolution images to deliver higher outputs. This not only allowing DLSS to offer a higher performance output than native resolution rendering but also provide several improvements over TAA, Temporal Anti Aliasing, which is known to have a blurring effect on rendered images.   

At this time, Bioware has not confirmed whether or not DLSS will be supported on Anthem at launch, with the game shipping first to EA Origin Access Premier subscribers on February 15th. Purchasers of new Nvidia RTX 2060/2070 graphics cards will be able to redeem a free copy of Battlefield V, with purchasers of RTX 2080/2080Ti graphics cards shipping with free copies of both games.     


DLSS should allow RTX users to achieve higher levels of image quality than TAA anti-aliasing, while also offering increased performance. We will test DLSS on Anthem as soon as it is available. 

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