Nvidia’s RTX Voice is an impressive showcase for AI

Nvidia's RTX Voice is an impressive showcase for AI

Nvidia’s RTX Voice is an impressive showcase for AI

Nvidia’s RTX series of graphics cards are about more than just ray tracing, they are about adding more types of computational power into the realms of PC computational ecosystem, and that expands to more than just gaming. 

While the RTX series’ headline AI feature is DLSS, the benefits of AI-powered compute can be felt in areas outside of gaming. This is where Nvidia’s RTX Voice comes into play, an Nvidia-made tool that’s designed to remove background noise from your PC audio feed. 

The idea behind this is simple, you can use your RTX series graphics card to filter out unwanted noises from your audio headset, webcam or dedicated microphone. Your friends will no longer hear your keyboard when talking to them on Skype, Zoom or Discord, or the noises of nearby construction work, traffic, or any other annoying background noise. That’s a great addition to Nvidia’s RTX feature set, especially for those who stream or regularly take part in online chat services. 

All this feature needs to operate is an Nvidia RTX series graphics card, Windows 10 and Nvidia’s 410.18 drivers or newer. Below is an example of how Barnacules Nerdgasm’s voice can sound clear despite his efforts to create background noise with RTX Voice enabled. 

Another example below is how WccfTech’s Keith May can speak online while blow-drying his hair. RTX Voice is crazy effective, and an excellent addition to Nvidia’s RTX toolset. 


If you want to enable RTX Voice in your voice or video chats, you can read Nvidia’s RTX Voice Setup Guide here. 

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