Palworld is second game in Steam history to have over 2 million concurrent players

Palworld becomes the second most played game in Steam history with over 2 million concurrent players

Palworld has become one of Steam’s all-time success stories, so much so that the game has become the 2nd ever title to reach over 2 million concurrent players on the platform. Only PUBG has achieved an all-time player peak on Steam that is higher than Palworld, with even Counter Strike 2 falling behind the open world survival game.

Right now, Palworld has almost 1,5 million concurrent players, making it the most played game on Steam at the time of writing. This places Palworld ahead of the all-time peaks for Lost Ark, DOTA 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, and Hogwarts Legacy.

Palworld is a game that mixes survival, exploration, base building, and Pokemon. As a game, Palworld feels like its part Pokemon, part Satisfactory, and part Ark: Survival Evolved. Players can gather materials, build bases and create production lines to create more advanced materials.

If you capture enough Pals, players can put them to work to build, craft, farm, and more. In time, players will be able to use their Pals to automate tasks and move up the game’s tech tree. Palworld gameplay mechanics are seen as controversial, as the game “Pals” have been called “essentially slaves” by many online.

When the game was first revealed, Palworld was commonly called “Pokemon with guns”, due to the game’s inclusion of firearms. Players can capture the game’s “Pals” and use them at their home base or during exploration.

Palworld is now the most played game on Steam, and only time will tell if Palworld has what it takes to surpass PUBG at its peak.

You can join the discussion on Palworld’s insane popularity on Steam on the OC3D Forums.

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