Paradox teases Life By You, a Sims-like game from Rod Humble

Paradox teases Life By You, a Sims-like game from Rod Humble

Expect to hear more about Paradox Tectonic’s Life By You later this month

Paradox Interactive has today announced a new Sims-like game called Life By You, a game from Paradox Tectonic and Rod Humble, the former Executive Producer for the Sims division for EA and CEO of Linden Labs.

If the success of Cities Skylines has proven anything to Paradox, there is room within the games industry for spiritual successors to Maxis classics. The failure of SimCity 2013 left the door open for Paradox and Colossal Order to eat EA’s lunch with Cities Skylines, and now the long life of The Sims 4 is giving Paradox enough space to create a competitor in the form of Life By You. 

Life By You is being created by Paradox Tectonic, a studio that was revealed by Paradox back in 2019. This studio is lead by Rod Humble, and the teaser trailer below showcases what his team at Paradox Tectonic have been up to. 

Based on the trailer above, Life By You looks a lot like The Sims, with characters interacting with their homes and driving to different destinations. We also get to see a grid system and a peek at building tools. Sadly, this trailer does not show us much, though we can expect to see more on March 20th, when Paradox plans to share additional information about the game.   

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