Patch 1.3.3 brings Nvidia’s DLSS to Marvel’s Avengers

Patch 13.3 brings Nvidia's DLSS to Marvel's Avengers

Patch 1.3.3 brings Nvidia’s DLSS to Marvel’s Avengers

Patch 1.3.3 has been released for Marvel’s Avengers, bringing Nvidia’s DLSS technology to the game, offering PC gamers higher performance levels than before on Nvidia’s RTX series hardware. 

Better still is the fact that Marvel’s Avengers has become the first PC game to support DLSS with dynamic resolution scaling, allowing PC gamers to benefit from both technologies at the same time. 

Marvel’s Avengers is a game which makes heavy use of resolution scaling, so much so that gaming with fixed refresh rates isn’t feasible on most PCs. Without resolution scaling, framerates van vary wildly on a scene-by-scene basis, especially when effects-heavy attacks are in play.

Below are Marvel’s Avenger’s PC specific patch notes for patch 1.3.3. Full patch notes are available to read here. 



Note: Since launch, we are continuously making improvements to the game and will keep rolling out these patches. We are also actively working with NVIDIA on specific issues that some users have reported with performance degrading over time. With the latest 1.3.3 patch, we’ve added NVIDIA DLSS, which significantly improves framerate while maintaining high quality visuals for NVIDIA RTX hardware. We’ve also added DLSS support for ultra performance mode and Dynamic Resolution scaling.  More information about NVIDIA DLSS can be found here.         

– Added support for Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology.  

– Fixed problems with mouse & keyboard sprint, when set to hold to sprint option is enabled. 

– Fix for Thor and Captain America ranged abilities when using toggle to aim.   

Patch 13.3 brings Nvidia's DLSS to Marvel's Avengers  

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