PC Gamers mod Mario 64’s PC port to deliver superior visuals

PC Gamers mod Mario 64's PC port to deliver superior visuals

PC Gamers mod Mario 64’s PC port to deliver superior visuals

Last month we reported on a fan-created PC port of Super Mario 64, a version of the 1996 Nintendo 64 classic which requires no emulation to operate on modern PCs. While Nintendo has taken action against websites which distribute this unofficial port, that hasn’t stopped PC gamers from modding the game, adding new models, updated textures and more to the game. 

Thanks to these new fan-created mods, PC gamers now have what could be seen as an HD remaster of Mario 64, with PC Gamer highlighting an in-progress AI upscaled texture pack from CrashCourse and a Mario model replacement from Armando Arredondo.      

The video below showcases Super Mario 64’s AI Upscaled texture pack, which replaced Mario 64’s original textures with more detailed replacements, making characters and environmental details appear less blocky and pixelated. When combined with the high resolution rendering offered by modern PCs, this makes Mario 64’s unofficial PC port look like a full-on remaster of the game. If Nintendo were to make an official Switch version of Mario 64, we would love to see it offer these graphical upgrades. 

Another mod for the PC version of Mario 64 is a Mario model replacement for the game, which replaces the model for Mario with a higher poly-count version which appears to be from Super Mario Galaxy. 

Yes, this new model for Mario can be a bit jarring when seen with Super Mario 64’s other assets. That said, similar mods could be possible for all NPCs within the game. 

The videos above and below are from the YouTube Unreal, who is not affiliated with Epic Games, the creators of the Unreal Engine. 

At this time, it is unclear how far Nintendo will go to protect is property, and if the company plans to take action against the Super Mario 64 PC modders. 

You can join the discussion on Super Marion 64’s PC graphics enhancement mods on the OC3D Forums.