PlayStation 3’s RPCS3 Emulator now supports unlocked framerates

PlayStation 3's RPCS3 Emulator now supports unlocked framerates

PlayStation 3’s RPCS3 Emulator now supports unlocked framerates

Have you ever wanted to play PlayStation 3 games with an unlocked framerate? Move from framerate caps of 30 FPS to 60 FPS and beyond? That’s now possible on the latest versions of the PlayStation 3’s RPCS3 emulator, thanks to tweaks to a new variable called Vblank. 

While not every game supports Vblank adjustments, the variable can be used to get games like Skate 3 running at 120 FPS and higher framerates, assuming your PC is cable of such insane performance levels. Using high Vblank values also delivers unlocked framerates on the emulator, which is excellent news for anyone with Variable Refresh Rate monitors. 

Currently, this setting can be adjusted on the fly, allowing gamers to adjust their game’s Vblank value however they like. Some games will suffer from faster animations, or other issues, thanks to this change, but many others will simply enable higher/unlocked framerates. These games include Skte 3, WipEout, Ni No Kuni, Heavenly Sword and most of Naughty Dog’s games. 

In the future, games that don’t support Vblank adjustment may be patched to enable unlocked framerates. This will help deliver higher framerates to Sony’s PlayStation 3 library, at least on powerful enough PCs. 

Right now, the RPCS3 emulator already offers PC gamers the ability to play their favourite PS3 titles at higher resolutions. Add in higher framerates, and PS3 emulators can now achieve higher framerates and sharper graphics than were ever intended on Sony’s console, which is great news for PC gamers. 

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