Primate Labs has officially released Geekbench 5

Primate Labs has officially released Geekbench 5

Primate Labs has officially released Geekbench 5

Geekbench 5 has been officially released, bringing with it new cross-platform benchmarks to test a wide range of workloads on both CPUs and graphics cards across iOS, Android, Linux and Windows with ARM or x86 based processors.

Unlike Geekbench 4, Geekbench 5 lacks support for 32-bit processors, drastically increasing the memory footprint of the benchmark to judge the memory performance of tested systems more accurately.  New workloads for machine learning, augmented reality and computational photography have also been added to the app. On the CPU side, the benchmark has also been updated to utilise heavily multithreaded processors better. 

On the GPU-side, Geekbench 5 has been updated to support eh Vulkan API, alongside CUDA, Metal and OpenCL. Vulkan Compute benchmarks are available on Android, Windows and Linux. This benchmark is not available on iOS or macOS due to the OS’ API restrictions. 

This release comes two weeks after the release of Geekbench 5’s first beta release, showcasing Primate Las’ confidence in their new product. 

     CPU Benchmark

The Geekbench 5 CPU Benchmark includes new benchmark tests that model the challenges your system faces when running the latest applications. These tests use cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning, augmented reality, and computational photography.

Geekbench 5 also increases the memory footprint of existing workloads to more accurately account for the effect memory performance has on CPU performance.

Finally, the Geekbench 5 CPU Benchmark includes new modes of multi-threaded benchmarks, allowing threads to work co-operatively on one problem rather than separately on different problems. With the addition of different threading models, Geekbench 5 better captures the performance of different multi-threaded applications on personal computing devices.

    GPU Compute Benchmark

Geekbench 5 includes several improvements to the GPU Compute Benchmark.

The most exciting change is that the Compute Benchmark now supports Vulkan, along with CUDA, Metal, and OpenCL. Vulkan is the next-generation cross-platform graphics and compute API. Vulkan Compute Benchmarks are available on Android, Windows, and Linux.

The Compute Benchmark also includes new benchmark tests that model algorithms that are GPU accelerated in modern applications. These include computer vision tasks such as Stereo Matching, and augmented reality tasks such as Feature Matching.

Primate Labs has officially released Geekbench 5  

To celebrate the release of Geekbench 5, Primate las has reduced the cost of Geekbench 5 by 50% on the Primate Labs Store until September 10th. 

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