Project Cars 3 will support VR on PC at launch

Project Cars 3 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 this Summer

Project Cars 3 will support VR on PC at launch

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that Project Cars 3 will support VR on PC at launch, offering day-1 support for popular PC-connected headsets when the game releases this summer. 

Note that VR support for Sony’s PlayStation 4 has not been promised, which means that PSVR support may not be coming to the game. However, VR support could come to Sony’s hardware at a later date, perhaps as an exclusive to PlayStation 5 users, assuming that Project Cars 3 will be updated to support the new hardware. 

At this time, Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios have not confirmed where Project Cars 3 will launch on PC. The game is expected to arrive on Steam when it launches, making SteamVR the game’s VR API of choice. This will allow Project Cars 3 to support all mainstream VR headsets for PC, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets to support Project Cars 3’s VR mode. 

Project Cars 3 is due to release this summer with over 140 tracks and 200 “elite-brand” vehicles. The game will also allow players to upgrade their vehicles with better engines, exhausts, suspension systems and more, adding another new dimension to the Project Cars experience.    
With Project Cars 3, Slightly Mad Studios also plans to offer new multiplayer content in the form of “Rivals mode”, which will offer daily, weekly and monthly challenges, which will generate XP and “Rivals Coins”. These modes are designed to help encourage participation in community events, and allow more players to feel rewarded for taking part. 

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