Rapid Progress – PS4 Emulator RPCSX can now run its first game at 60 FPS

Rapid Progress - PS4 Emulator RPCSX can now run its first game at 60 FPS

RPCSX, the PlayStation 4 Emulator, can now run Sonic Mania at 60 FPS

Last week we wrote about RPCSX, a relatively new PlayStation 4 emulator that comes from the team behind RPCS3, the popular PlayStation 3 emulator. Since then, the emulator’s development has moved at a rapid pace, so much so that Sonic Mania is now playable using mouse and keyboard. Last week the game was only in a bootable state. 

In a new video from BrutalSam, the RPCSX emulator has been shown running Sonic Mania at framerates that often exceeded FPS on a test system that features an Intel i7-6700K processor and an RTX 2060 processor. This is by no means a high-end system by today’s standards, and the performance of the emulator has greatly improved since this time last week. Last week, RPCSX was also shown booting Bloodborne on PC, though the game does not currently showcase graphics on the emulator.

Since last week, the RPCSX emulator now runs better and features support for keyboard and mouse controls. Controllers are not currently supported on the emulator, though support for gamepads is no doubt coming. Audio is also unsupported by the emulator at this time. RPCSX is early in its development, but the team behind the tool has showcased a huge amount of progress since the emulator was revealed, and it is likely that the tool’s development will continue at a rapid pace. That said, we don’t expect games like Bloodborne and The Last of Us Part II to be playable anytime soon.

While Sony are re-releasing many of their PlayStation 4 era titles on PC, there will inevitably be titles that will never make a PlayStation-to-PC cross-over. For these titles, emulation will be vital for their long-term preservation, especially as PlayStation 4 hardware breaks, or if Sony choose to abandon PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility with future PlayStation consoles.

RPCSX is not the only PlayStation 4 emulator that is in the works. At the time of writing, Spline is currently the most advanced PlayStation 4 emulator, and there are other teams that are building PlayStation 4 emulators. RPCSX is just the latest PlayStation 4 emulator to starts its development, and with its backing from the RPCS3 team, we can expect this emulator to advance quickly thanks to the team’s existing emulation expertise.

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