Ray Tracing is coming to DOOM Eternal – “We’ll do it better than anybody”

Ray Tracing is coming to DOOM Eternal -

Ray Tracing is coming to DOOM Eternal – “We’ll do it better than anybody”

id Software’s Marty Stratton has confirmed that DOOM Eternal and the studio’s id Tech 7 game engine will support ray tracing. At this time, Nvidia has not confirmed that they are partnered with id Software, but id Software has nonetheless confirmed that they are “in the midst” of RTX ray tracing. 

At this time it is unknown how id Software plans to utilise Nvidia’s ray tracing technology, with Marty Stratton stating that “I think we’ll do it better than anybody [else].”

The priority for DOOM Eternal is to release the title with stable performance on every platform, which includes PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Stadia, with each shipping version of the game taking priority. This means that RTX raytracing isn’t the top thing on id Software’s minds, as ray tracing “doesn’t necessarily expand our audience”. 

With Bethesda partnering with Nvidia on bringing RTX and Nvidia Adaptive Shading support to Wolfenstein: Youngblood, an id Tech 6 game that is being created by Machine Games and Arkane Studios, it is probable that a similar partnership will soon be announced between Nvidia and id Software for DOOM Eternal. 

It remains to be seen how DOOM Eternal’s visuals will be improved by ray tracing, but Stratton has stated that there are “great benefits” that the technology offers and that “RTX makes it look, you know, amazing.” 
This information comes via Giant Bomb’s “Nite Two at E3 2019”, which is embedded below.  

DOOM Eternal will release on November 22nd 2019. 

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