Remedy’s Alan Wake is getting made into a TV series

Remedy's Alan Wake is getting made into a TV series

Remedy’s Alan Wake is getting made into a TV series

A live-action TV series based on Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake series is now in the works, with Contradiction Films, a Canadian production company, in partnership with Remedy.  

The series showrunner will be Peter Calloway, who wrote “Cloak and Dagger” and produced “Legion”, with series creator Sam Lake acting as executive producer. 

The original Alan Wake released on Xbox 360 and PC in 2010, receiving positive reviews and achieving sales of over 3.2 million units. The game never received a sequel, though Sam Lake has confirmed that story elements from the game’s planned sequel will be used as inspiration for the series. Sam Wake has had a spin-off release in 2012 called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but this game is not considered part of the main series. 

Alan Wake’s original story is set to act as a starting point for the TV series, serving as a seed which will “grow into the bigger story we’re exploring in the show” says Sam Lake.  The TV series designed to “expand[ing] the lore of the crazy and dark universe”, allowing Lake to dive deeper into certain aspects of the world that the game never explored.  

The Alan Wake TV series remains in pre-production, though Contradiction’s Tomas Harlan has stated that the series has already garnered the interest of several studios. 

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