Remedy’s working on an Alan Wake Remaster with “choice next-generation upgrades”

Alan Wake Remastered's coming to PC this year

Alan Wake Remastered’s coming to PC and last/next-gen consoles this year

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they are working with Epic Games publishing to create Alan Wake Remastered, a game that’s due to launch this fall on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. 

The game will come to both last-generation (PS4/Xbox One) and current-generation consoles (PS5/Xbox Series X/S) and launch on PC through the Epic Games Store. On current-generation consoles and PCs, the game will feature “choice next-generation upgrades”. All versions of the game will feature “all around” graphical upgrades, an updated Alan Wake model, and improved cinematics. 

Gameplay-wise, Remedy plans to maintain Alan Wake’s original experience, albeit with upgraded high-resolution visuals. Alan Wake Remastered will bring Alan Wake to the PlayStation platform for the first time, as the original was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, which arrived later on PC. 

Alan Wake Remastered will include Alan Waks’s two expansions, The Signal and The Writer, and a director’s commentary from the game’s creative director Sam Lake. Alan Wake Remastered has no firm release date, though the game is due to launch this fall. 

At this time, it is unknown what next-generation features will be included in Alan Wake’s Remastered PS5. Xbox Series X/S and PC versions, though the game will likely feature some of the ray tracing features that are present within Control, Remady’s last game.  


Alan Wake Remastered's coming to PC this year
(Alan Wake (original))

Given Remedy’s fall 2021 release plans for Alan Wake Remastered, it s likely that we will see gameplay and screenshots of the game soon. More information about Alan Wake Remasted on Remedy’s blog post on the official Alan Wake website.     

Given Remedy’s work with Epic Games Publishing, Alan Wake Remastered is unlikely to be released on PC outside of the Epic Games Store. With Epic Games acting as the game’s publisher, there is little chance of the game coming to PC outside of Epic Game’s PC storefront. Don’t expect Alan Wake Remastered to be released on Steam in Fall 2022, one year after the game’s Epic Games Store launch. 

You can join the discussion on Remedy’s Remaster of Alan Wake on the OC3D Forums. 

Alan Wake Remastered's coming to PC this year