Rocket League’s Mac and Linux players can now ask for a refund

Rocket League's Mac and Linux players can now ask for a refund

Rocket League’s Mac and Linux players can now ask for a refund

Last week, Psyonix announced that Rocket League’s macOS and Linux support were getting axed, making Windows the only OS where Rocket League would be officially supported moving forward. Since then, Psyonix has revealed the true reason behind this change, elaborating on their plans on “adapting [the game] to use new technologies”.

Refunds were a major topic of debate for Rocket League players, with macOS and Linux players understandably desiring their money back when Psyonix’s intentions to abandon them became clear. Psyonix has stated that macOS and Linux users can ask for a Rocket League refund using the following method. 

– Go to the Steam Support website
– Select Purchases
– Select Rocket League (you may need to select “View complete purchasing history” to see it)
– Select I would like a refund, then I’d like to request a refund
– From the Reason dropdown menu, select My issue isn’t listed
– In notes, write Please refund my Mac/Linux version of Rocket League, Psyonix will be discontinuing support

Why is Psyonix abandoning Linux and macOS? 

As Rocket League evolves, Psyonix plans to add more features and content to their game. To do this, the PC version of Rocket League needs to be updated to 64-bit and away from Microsoft’s now-ancient DirectX 9 API. In March, Rocket League will be updated to support DirectX 11 and become a 64-bit application. 

So how does this change impact Linux and macOS users? Unfortunately, Rocket League’s OpenGL implementation requires the Rocket league’s DirectX 9 implementation to function. This design decision leaves Psyonix with a choice, update the Linux and macOS versions of the game to Vulkan and Metal respectively, or cease Rocket League’s development on these platforms. 

Psyonix claims that less than 0.3% of Rocket League active players use macOS or Linux, which means that investing in two new implementations of Rocket League is unlikely to be worth their ongoing development and QA costs. These developments costs are what has ultimately led to Psyonix’s abandonment of Linux and macOS players.  

Viable workarounds for macOS and Linux users are available, such as Bootcamp on macOS and Wine on Linux, both of which can be used to play Rocket League’s updated Windows versions. This factor allows users of both macOS and Linux to support Rocket League unofficially. 


Rocket League's Mac and Linux players can now ask for a refund  

Refunds on Steam are usually restricted to games which were purchased less than two weeks ago and were played for less than two hours. For Rocket League, Psyonix has worked with Valve to allow all macOS and Linux players to get a refund Rocket League. 

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