RPCS3 team highlights more Insomniac-focused PS3 emulation fixes

Recent update addresses PS3 emulation issues for Insomniac’s PlayStation 3 classics

The RPCS3 team have highlighted another set of fixes for their PlayStation 3 emulator. Thanks to kd-11, a major RPCS3 contributor, xform-constant-based instancing has been implemented within RPCS3. This new feature for RPCS3 fixes some emulation issues in several Insomniac games. This includes Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, and Resistance: Fall of Man.

Alongside the emulator’s recent RSX ROP emulation update, RPCS3 now renders most of Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 3 titles more accurately. That’s great new for fans of Insomniac Games.

Earlier this week, a new update for RPCS3 was released that significantly boosts emulation performance for low-end CPU users. This update delivered staggering performance gains of 30% and 100% in Persona 5 and Demon’s Soul respectively in a CPU-limited scenario. Not only is RPCS3 becoming more accurate, it’s also becoming more performant. In short, now is a great time to emulate PlayStation 3 games on PC.

The RPCS3 project is continuing to improve at a rapid pace. Recently the RPCS3 team celebrated the fact that over 70% of PS3 games were now playable using RPCS3. Updates for the emulator are being released very frequently, further improving the state of PS3 emulation on PC.

Now, many PlayStation 3 games are best played on PC. With support for higher resolutions and refresh rates for many games, many PS3 classics now look and play best on PC. Additionally, some games also support mods on RPCS3, allowing gamers to re-experience many old games in a new way.

You can join the discussion on RPCS3 getting more Insomniac-focused fixes on the OC3D Forums.

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