Sea of Thieves is “Coming Soon” to Steam

Sea of Thieves is

Sea of Thieves is “Coming Soon” to Steam

Microsoft’s taking a new approach to the PC market, both with Xbox Game Pass for PC and with their adoption of 3rd party clients like Steam, both of which aim to drastically widen Xbox’s userbase on PC and increase the sales of their first-party titles. 
The next Xbox Game Studios game to arrive on Steam will be Sea of Thieves, Rare’s online Pirate experience. Sadly, the game has no firm release date on Valve’s Steam client, though Microsoft has assured us that the game is “coming soon”. 

Like other recent Microsoft Games Studios releases, Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform play, allowing Steam users to play with Microsoft Store users and Xbox One players. 

Our guess is that Sea of Thieves will release on Steam alongside the game’s next expansion. So far, Sea of Thieves has received five major updates and new content updates each month. Microsoft is no doubt bringing Sea of Thieves to Steam with a new content patch, as that would be the best way to bring new players to the title. 

Like the game’s Windows Store version, Sea of Thieves is designed to run on Windows 10, making this game unlikely to run on older Windows 7 based systems. 

Sea of Thieves’ Steam page is now live. 

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