Spec Ops: The Line is being delisted from all digital storefronts: 2K Confirms

Spec Ops: The Line is falling victim to expiring licensing agreements

Yesterday, we reported on Spec Ops: The Line being sudden removed from Steam. Now, we can confirm that the game will be removed from all digital gaming storefronts due to expiring licensing agreements.

2K, the publisher of Spec Ops, confirmed that several partnership licenses related to the game are expiring. 2K appears to have made no effort to renew these licenses, which means that the game needs to be removed from sale. Thankfully, Spec Ops: The Line remains available at some PC retailers, but it will only be available for a limited time. Yesterday, the game was also removed from sale on the Xbox marketplace.

Thankfully, existing owners of the game will still be able to play their copies of the title as normal. The only change is that the game will no longer be available to purchase digitally.

Below is a statement that 2K has made on the removal of Spec Ops from digital storefronts.

Spec Ops: The Line will no longer be available on online storefronts, as several partnership licenses related to the game are expiring.

Players who have purchased the game can still download and play the game uninterrupted. 2K would like to thank our community of players who have supported the game, and we look forward to bringing you more offerings from our label throughout this year and beyond.

Spec Ops: The Line was a standout shooter. This is not necessarily due to its gameplay or unique mechanics, but due to its narrative and themes. The game is unlike any other shooter from the 2010s, and while the game was considered a commercial failure by 2K at launch, it’s now considered a cult classic.

Right now, PC gamers can still buy The Line on GOG for £3.99. This offer is available until February 6th 2024. If you want to buy The Line on PC, you will need to buy your copy soon. The game has already been removed from Steam and many other PC gaming websites.

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