Symmetry is currently available for free on GOG

Symmetry is currently available for free on GOG

Symmetry is currently available for free on GOG

For the next 48 hours, Symmetry will be available for free on GOG, offering PC gamers survival gameplay, micro-management elements and great looking Vector graphics. 

Symmetry is a survival management game that’s based within a retro-futuristic alternate universe, where players aim to help the survivors of spaceship crash survive until their ship is repaired and spaceworthy. 

The player’s selection or survivors will need to tackle their planet’s desolate and cold environment to survive and fix their broken spacecraft. Players must ensure that each survivor has food, sleep and mental stability, as things can quickly go off the rails when emergencies start. Players must grow food, maintain power plants and gather ship parts to survive the game until its conclusion.

Some aspects of Symmetry will change with every run to encourage replay, changes include the number of starting survivors, moral choices in-game and the varying skill-base of your team members. 

Like all GOG titles, Symmetry has no DRM, which means that the game will always be playable after you download it. No always-online requirements or other limitations to deal with. You don’t even need to use GOG’s game client to play it. 

PC gamers can download their free copy of Symmetry on GOG here. 

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