Take-Two forces Hazelight to abandon their “It Takes Two” trademark following dispute

Take-Two forces Hazelight to abandon their

Hazelight abandons its It Takes Two trademark following action from Take-Two

It Takes Two is one of the 2021’s gaming highlights, arriving as a game that requires two-player co-op play, delivering an experience that is unlike anything else that this year has to offer.

Thanks to an article from Eurogamer, it has become known that Hazelight has been forced to abandon its trademark for It Takes Two, following trademark claims from Take-Two Interactive.

Take-Two Interactive is the game publisher behind Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Bioshock and many other AAA franchises. Take-Two is a powerful company, and one that is involved in many trademark disputes, including those that are connected with the words “rockstar”, “mafia”, and “civilization”.

While it is hard to claim that It Takes Two could be confused with Take-Two Interactive’s trademarks, the latter appears to be adamant to protect their Trademarks as zealously as possible.

In a statement to Eurogamer, a Hazelight representative said that they “cannot comment on ongoing disputes” and that the studio is “hopeful it will be resolved”.


Hazelight was hit by a Take-Two’s claim shortly after the launch of their game, forcing Hazelight to officially abandon their trademark application for their game’s name. This document shows that Hazelight abandoned their trademark on March 30th, four days after It Takes Two’s launch.

At this time, Hazelight doesn’t appear to be planning to rename It Takes Two following the forced abandonment of their trademark.

Take-Two is involved in many trademark disputes

Here, you will be able to see that Take-Two is involved in trademark disputes with a huge number of companies across the world. This includes many companies that have the audacity to use the words “rockstar”, “bully”, or “mafia” in their trademarks. Take-Two is incredibly litigious, so good luck trademarking something that uses generic terms like Rockstar and Mafia…

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