TF2 – Remaining Weapons Revealed

TF2 – Remaining Weapons Revealed
The Spy gets a new long-range pistol called the “Ambassador” which is said to be as accurate as the Sniper Rifle, and holds the same amount of ammo as the standard revolver. The down side is you have to let the pistol cool down after each shot, so accuracy is the key to success here. The long range pistol doesn’t feature a scope, so those looking for headshots will have their work cut out.
The Sniper also got his third and final weapon – “Jarate.” Rather surprisingly this Jarrate is the Snipers own urine which he has collected in jars. The jars can be launched like a grenade at oncoming enemies increasing the amount of damage they receive by 35%. Should you get splashed with Jarate, jumping into water will wash it off and relieve you from its effects. Spies beware, Jarate is also capable of shorting out your cloaking devices stopping them from working. It may also be used to extinguish burning team mates, who will no doubt be eternally grateful.
Below is the full list of the Sniper achievements. No doubt it will take much longer to get through twice the amount, but the dedicated TF2 fans out there will have most of them rounded up in the first couple of days.
 Sniper Achievements
If you still haven’t managed to talk yourself into buying the game, Steam are offering the chance to play it for free all weekend, starting as soon as the update launches later tonight. If you want to take them up on this offer simply pre-load the game here and wait for the update to be released. Happy fragging and see you in the game!!
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