The Humble ARMA 2018 bundle is live

The Humble ARMA 2018 bundle is live

The Humble ARMA 2018 bundle is live

Humble and Bohemia Interactive have teamed up to create the Humble ARMA 2018 bundle, allowing PC gamers to games from the ARMA series for as little as $1. This bundle extends all the way to ARMA 3, which is currently £29.99 on Steam, making Humble’s asking price for ARMA 3, three expansions and its predecessors a steal at $15. For $20 this bundle will also include ARMA III: Apex   

All game codes included in this bundle will be sent to purchasers in the form of redeemable Steam codes, with every game in the series supporting Windows operating systems exclusively. The one exception to this is ARMA Tactics, which also supports Android, OSX and Linux. 

The some of the money generated by this bundle will support the American Red Cross, with the remainder going to Humble directly and Bohemia interactive. By default 65% of this bundle’s earnings will go to Bohemia interactive, 20% will go to Humble, and 15% will go to the American Red Cross. Purchasers of this bundle can decide to adjust these values if they wish, allowing 100% of their funding to go to the American Red Cross.  

Below is a list of what is included in each bundle tier. 

Pay $1

– ARMA: Cold War Assault
– ARMA: Gold Edition
– ARMA: Tactics

Pay More than Average (currently $12.45)

– ARMA 2
– ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead
– ARMA 2: British Armed Forces
– ARMA 2: Private Military Company
– ARMA 2: Army of the Czech Republic

Pay $15

– ARMA 3
– ARMA 3: Karts
– ARMA 3: Helicopters
– ARMA 3: Marksman

Pay $20


The Humble ARMA 2018 bundle is live  

PC gamers who are interested in the Humble ARMA 2018 Bundle can find out more on the Humble Store. This bundle will be available for two weeks. 

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