The Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle is now live

The Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle is now live

The Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle is now live

Codemasters has partnered with Humble Bundle to create their new Codemasters Racing Bundle, which offers a variety of racing games at some exceptionally low prices. 

Like most Humble Bundles, the money raised from this limited time offer is split between the developers (Codemasters), Humble Bundle and a Charity (Humble Tip). Users can choose what charity this money goes towards, though Humble’s featured charity this month is Doctors without Borders. 

In this bundle, 65% of the proceeds go directly to Codemasters, 15% goes to the user’s chosen charity and 20% goes to Humble, though these sliders can be adjusted by users to give more money to charity, Humble or Codemasters.

Below is a list of what is included in each of this bundle’s three tiers:

Pay What You Want:

– F1 Racing Stars
– F1 2011
– F1 2012
– Toybox Turbos

Pay more than average (currently $7.69):   

– GRID 2
– F1 2014
– F1 2015
– F1 Racing Stars – Season Pass
– 60% off DiRT 4 Coupon
– 40% off F1 2017
– FI 2017 DLC – McLaren MP4/4 Classic Car
– DiRT 4 DLC Hyundai R5 Rally Car + Team Booster Pack
– More coming next week!

Pay $15:

– Micro Machines World Series
– F1 2016
– DiRT Rally
– F1 2016 DLC – Career Booster Pack
– GRID 2: All In DLC Pack
– More to come next week


The Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle is now live  

The Humble Codemasters Bundle is available to purchase here. More content is coming to the bundle next week. 

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