The Humble CRYENGINE 2018 Bundle has been released

The Humble CRYENGINE 2018 Bundle has been released

The Humble CRYENGINE 2018 Bundle has been released

Crytek and Humble have officially released the Humble CRYENGINE 2018 bundle, offering purchasers a selection of CRYENGINE games alongside assets and online webinars for developers. 

This bundle includes games like Ryze: Son of Rome, Homefront: The Revolution, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 & 3 as well as Miscreated, an early access survival game from Entrada Interactive. 

All game codes included in this bundle will be sent to purchasers in the form of redeemable Steam codes, with all asset packs and developer resources being DRM free. 

Like most Humble Bundles, the money raised from the CRYENGINE 2018 bundle will be split between the developers of the games/assets, two charities (Extra Life and AMURT) and Humble. Purchasers of this bundle can choose how the money from their purchase is distributed, while also having the ability to change AMURT for any other charity on Humble thousands long list of supported causes.  

By default, 65% of the money raised by this bundle goes toward the developers of each game in the package, with 15% being split between each charity while Humble receives 20% of the revenue. 

Pay $1

– Rolling Sun
– Aporia: Beyond The Valley
– The Land of Pain
– CRYENGINE Webinar Training Videos (3 Videos)
– Crysis Animation Pack

Pay above average (currently $8.27)

– Miscreated (Early Access)
– Snow – Pro Pack DLC
– Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
– Ryzen: Son of Rome
– Underwater Demo Level
– Robinson: The Journey Asset Pack
– Ryse Egypt Asset Pack

Pay $15

– Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
– Homefront: The Revolution
– Deceit Asset Pack
– The Climb Asset Pack

The Humble CRYENGINE 2018 Bundle has been released


PC gamers who are interested in the Humble CRYENGINE 2018 Bundle can find out more on the Humble Store. This bundle will be available for two weeks. 

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