The Humble Sports Bundle is now live

The Humble Sports Bundle is now live

The Humble Sports Bundle is now live

Humble has officially launched their first ever Sports bundle, partnering with a selection of game developers to offer PC gamers a collection of sports games that range from Football, Hockey and Motorsports managers to classics like SEGA Bass Fishing. 

Like the majority of Humble’s bundles, the revenue raised from the Humble Sports Bundle will be shared between developers, Humble and a charity. All games in this bundle can be redeemed on Steam, with most games in the bundle being available for Windows MacOS and Linux. 

By default, 65% of the proceeds of this bundle will be given to game developers, with around 7.5% going to AMURT (or a different user selected charity), 75% going to Access Sport and $20% to Humble directly. These numbers can be changed by users, allowing all the money raised from specific donations to go 100% to charity or 100% to game developers if the user wishes.

Below is a list of everything that is included in the Humble Sports Bundle

Pay $1

– GRID 2
– SEGA Bass Fishing
– Eastside Hockey Manager

Pay Above Average (Currently $4.80)

– Motorsport Manager
– DiRT Rally
– Super Blood Hockey
– 75% off Football Manager 2018

Pay $12

– F1 2017
– $2 Humble Wallet Credit (only for Humble Monthly subscribers)


The Humble Sports Bundle is now live


PC gamers who are interested in the Humble Sports Bundle can find out more on the Humble Store. This bundle will be available for two weeks.

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