The Humble Train Simulator 2020 bundle is now live

The Humble Train Simulator 2020 bundle is now live

The Humble Train Simulator 2020 bundle is now live

Have you ever wanted to create your own railway, deliver passengers and cargo to their destination and master the operation of diesel, coal and electricity-powered locomotives? Well, thanks to Humble’s latest game bundle you now can for as little as $1. 

Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator 2020 is the highlight of Humble’s Train Simulator Bundle, offering PC gamers the base game alongside up to sixteen pieces of add-on or DLC content, granting gamers access to additional train lines, locomotives and other content. 

Like most Humble Bundles, the revenues raised by this bundle will be split between Humble, the game’s developers and one, or more, charities. In this case, the Humble Train Simulator bundle supports a single user-selected charity. 

By default, 65% of the bundle’s revenue will go to Paradox Interactive, 20% will go to Humble, and 15% goes to a user-selected charity. These percentages can be altered however the buyer wishes, allowing all of the bundle’s funding to go to charity if the user desires.

Below is a list of what’s available under each of the Humble Train Simulator bundle’s three tiers.

Pay $1

– Train Simulator 2020
– Train Simulator: Riviera Line in the Fifties: Exeter – Kingswear Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: Western Hydraulics Pack Add-on
– Train Simulator: Miami – West Palm Beach Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: CSX AC6000CW Loco Add-on

Pay Above Average (Currently $5.52)

– Train Simulator: Weardale & Teedale Network Add-on
– Train Simulator: BR Class 24 Loco Add-on
– Train Simulator: North Jersey Coast Line Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: NJ Transit GP40PH-2B Loco Add-on
– Train Simulator: West Rhine: KIN – Koblenz Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: MRCE BR 185.5 Loco Add-on

Pay $12

–  Train Simulator: Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: BR Class 402 ‘2-HAL’ EMU Add-on
– Train Simulator: Feather River Canyon Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: Western Pacific FP7 California Zephyr Loco Add-on
– Train Simulator: Hamberg S1 S-Bahn Route Add-on
– Train Simulator: DB BR 114 Loco Add-on


The Humble Train Simulator 2020 bundle is now live  

PC Gamers can buy the Humble Train Simulator Bundle on the Humble Store. 

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