The Surge 2 – First gameplay released

The Surge 2 is now in development

The Surge 2 – First gameplay released

Deck13’s The Surge was one of 2017’s lesser known gaming highlights, offering a unique take on “Souls-like” combat, compelling visuals and solid framerates on console platforms. 

Focus Home Interactive has already confirmed that Deck13 are working on The Surge 2, with plans to offer players new gameplay environments alongside an “upgraded and improved” game engine.  

At E3 2018, Deck13 were showcasing The Surge 2 at a behind-closed-doors event, showcasing gameplay to select members of the gaming press, though IGN managed to leave with the game’s first gameplay footage, showcasing what appears to be faster combat, a reworked UI and a lush forested environment. 

This new environment is very different than what we are used to with The Surge 1, which predominantly took place in urban or factory settings, holding true to the game’s promise of a larger, sprawling world that is promised in this ambitious sequel. 

The Surge has a legacy as one of the first PS4 Pro games to offer players both a 30FPS and 60FPS mode, offering gamers one of the best Pro implementations of its time, leaving us hopeful that its sequel will also run well on all platforms while continuing to push the graphical envelope. 

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