The Witcher 3’s not just getting a next-gen update; it’s also getting new DLC

The Witcher 3's not just getting a next-gen update, it's also getting new DLC

The Witcher 3’s not just getting a next-gen update; it’s also getting new DLC

The Witcher 3 was one of the best games of the last console generation. There is no denying that it is one of the highest quality RPGs of the past decade, and there’s no denying that the success of The Witcher’s Netflix series was primarily due to the franchise’s prior success within the videogame industry. 

With the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X & S consoles, CD Projekt Red decided that their most popular game needed a next-generation upgrade. Better still, this upgrade will be made available for free to all existing owners of the game on PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems. 

CD Projekt Red has revealed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Next-Gen cover art, highlighting the game’s improved visuals on next-generation consoles and modern gaming PCs. 

More than a simple graphics upgrade

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that The Witcher 3 will be receiving more content with the game’s next-generation launch, which will be available on all platforms, even last-generation ones. These free DLC content add-ons will be inspired by the game’s Netflix series, though at this time, it is unknown exactly what will be added to The Witcher 3 content-wise. 

Prior free DLC releases for The Witcher 3 included new quests, new armour sets, new hairstyles, alternative character skins, and new weapons. CD Projekt Red has confirmed that The Witcher 3’s new content will be “new items”, confirming that the game’s free DLC will not be adding new locations or new quests to the game. 



The Witcher 3’s next-generation version will be coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 this year, offering gamers a “range of visual and technical improvements” that will “take advantage of the most powerful gaming hardware”. These features will include ray tracing and faster loading times (on consoles).

The next-generation version of The Witcher 3 is coming to us via Saber Interactive, who previously worked on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Switch versions of The Witcher 3. 

Unlike console gamers, PC users will require no platform upgrades to access The Witcher 3’s next-generation version. The game’s next-generation version will arrive as a fresh patch for the game; updating the game’s existing PC version will upgraded visuals and new features. That said, hardware upgrades will be necessary to utilise some of The Witcher 3’s upgraded next-gen graphical features.

Below is what CD Projekt Red’s Michal Nowakowski had to say about The Witcher 3’s PC upgrades. In 2021, The Witcher 3 will look better than ever on PC.


   So, for The Witcher 3 I believe Adam mentioned that before, there will be update as well – mind you, on PC the situation is a little bit different because there’s no actual switch between platforms or anything of the kind, like with consoles, but there will be a patch adding visual quality and a few extra features and of course we’re not going to charge people for a patch – it’s something they’re going to download and it will upgrade their game; upgrade their experience – but we’re not going to ask them for extra money. If you have your game on PC, you’ll just download an update – and the game will continue to cost what it currently does on the PC market. We consider it an upgrade of the currently existing game.  

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The Witcher 3's not just getting a next-gen update, it's also getting new DLC