The Witcher 3’s PC version is about to look a lot better, thanks to mods

The Witcher 3's PC version is about to look a lot better, thanks to mods

The Witcher 3’s PC version is about to look a lot better, thanks to mods

The Witcher 3 is easily one of this generation’s gaming highlights, offering players a vast, believable world, a wealth of questing content and visuals which marked one of the high points of the current console generation. That said, The Witcher 3 could look a lot better, especially on PC. 

Witcher 3 fans rejoice! The modder Halk Hogan is prepping for the 11.0 release of his “The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project” mod, bringing more texture enhancements, model improvements to the game. The focus of this release is to rework Toussaint, the area which hosts The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion content. 

While The Witcher 3 was a great looking game on PC at launch, it is well known that the game released with console visuals which sat below the expectations of many gamers. Early trailers for the game showcased better visuals than what the retail game could produce, and those graphical changes came thanks to the performance offered by Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

On PC, many of The Witcher 3’s graphical settings can scale beyond what the game’s console versions can handle. Still, on the textures side, The Witcher 3 suffers, especially on high-resolution displays. The Witcher 3 released at a time where 2GB graphics cards were common, and 4K displays were new to the market. Now that 6-8GB graphics cards are the norm and 1440p and 4K screens have increased in popularity, mods like Halk Hogan “The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project” have become a must for PC players, pushing the game to new graphical heights. 

Version 11.0 of Half Hogan’s The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is now due to release on March 12th. 

Why is Halk Hogan’s mod a must for Witcher fan on PC? 

Halk Hogan’s The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project offers gamers sharper visuals while maintaining The Witcher 3’s core aesthetic. Too many texture mods completely change the look of a game, but Halk Hogan’s textures give the Witcher 3 a sharper look while maintaining the same core aesthetic as CD Projekt Red’s original textures. 

To some players, the changes made by this mod will be subtle, and that’s what’s so great about it. When playing The Witcher 3 at 4K, this mod will remove most “ugh, that’s an ugly texture” moments and truly bring the game into the 4K era. Another benefit is that this mod comes with practically no performance cost, assuming your graphics card is new enough to handle high-res textures. 

Below is Halk Hogan’s video preview for The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 11.0.


The Witcher 3’s HD Reworked project Mod is currently available at Nexus Mods as a free download. Version 10.0 of the mod is available to download today, with version 11.0 coming on March 12th. 

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