There are “no current plans” to bring Metro Exodus to GOG


There are “no current plans” to bring Metro Exodus to GOG

Metro Exodus is due to release on Steam next week, ending Deep Silver’s exclusivity agreement with the Epic Games Store. While many fans of the series have been looking forward to this release, others have been asking “where’s the GOG version”?

GOG, formerly Good Old Games, is best known for its stance against DRM, forcing developers and publishers to remove all forms of Digital Rights Management from their games before they can release on their storefront. This has made GOG the PC gaming storefront of choice for those who hate DRM technology. 

4A Games has confirmed that they have “no current plans” to bring Metro Exodus to GOG in the “immediate future” on Metro Exodus’ Twitter account. Both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are already available on GOG, a fact which has annoyed fans of the series who would like to own all of the series’ games on a single storefront/launcher. 4A Games has also received complaints from those who dislike DRM on PC games. 

Ultimately, Metro Exodus’ retail availability is controlled by the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, and not 4A Games. Financially, it makes more sense to release Metro Exodus on Steam before GOG, allowing them to capitalise on more game sales before considering a DRM-free release on GOG. 

While the DRM on Metro Exodus’ PC version has already been cracked, the game’s protection can be updated with new patches. With the release of Metro Exodus’ Sam’s Story DLC next week, the game’s DRM will likely be updated to protect this DLC from early piracy. This is likely why a DRM-free GOG release of Metro Exodus is being avoided at this time. 

 Metro Exodus returns to Steam this month - Here is the game's release date and unlock time  (Some raytracing screenshot goodness)  

As it stands, Xbox Game Pass for PC remains the most affordable way to access Metro Exodus on PC, with three-month subscriptions selling for as little as £1 in the UK. Most gamers will be able to finish Metro Exodus by the time this three-month subscription expires, making it one of the cheapest ways to play the game on PC. Those who want permanent copies could access the game via Game Pass and then purchase the full game at a later date, perhaps during a sale on the Steam, the Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store. 

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