THQ Nordic’s Gothic Remake is now in production

THQ Nordic's Gothic Remake is now in production

THQ Nordic’s Gothic Remake is now in production

Following the success of their Gothic Playable Teaser, THQ Nordic has confirmed that a “Gothic 1 Remake will happen”. So far, over 180k gamers played the title’s teaser on Steam, and around 95% of surveyed stated that they wanted a remake to be developed. 

At this time, little is known about the project, though THQ Nordic has claimed that the development of its Gothic Remake will be “transparent and open” with their community. This transparency started with the release of their Gothic survey data, which is available to view here.

THQ Nordic’s playable teaser for Gothic offered players roughly two hours of gameplay, enabling them to play through Gothic’s Khorinis Mining Colony location. THQ Nordic was eager to receive feedback for their playable Gothic teaser, as it helped them prove the viability of a full-on remake. 

Gothic’s playable teaser was developed using Unreal Engine 4, making it likely that the game’s full remake will be created using the game engine/tools. 

THQ Nordic has revealed no release timeframe for Gothic’s planned remake. 


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