Unreal Engine 4 version 4.19 adds some major new features

Unreal Engine 4 version 4.19 adds some major new features

Unreal Engine 4 version 4.19 adds some major new features

Epic Games has released version 4.19 of their Unreal Engine 4, delivering a wide range of upgrades that come from both Epic themselves and their community on GitHub, delivering a large number of both major and minor changes. 

The biggest of these changes is the addition of Temporal Upsampling, a technique which reduces blur when upscaling images/frames to higher resolutions. This technique utilises two screen space percentage passes, reducing the output blur of the final image. The video below demonstrates this technique, though we recommend playing it in fullscreen mode to notice the differences. 

This technique is often used on the PS4 and Xbox One to simulate a higher resolution output, allowing users to offer a higher output resolution at the cost of visual sharpness. The addition of UE4’s new Temporal upsampling technique will reduce the blurriness the existing method adds to the system, a change that is most visible is distant details or in thin areas like the wire fencing in the images below.  Epic goes into much greater detail in their blog post. 


The next major update to Unreal Engine 4 is the addition of a Dynamic Resolution system, which can adjust a game’s resolution on the fly to achieve the desired framerate. This technique allows games to avoid some GPU related framerate drops by dropping the game’s rendering resolution. Right now this feature is available on Xbox One and PS4, with support for other platforms coming soon. 

These two technologies are designed to offer gamers smoother framerates at the expense of graphical quality when required, allowing games to run smoother at the cost of graphical fidelity and visual sharpness. These techniques will be extremely useful for console developers, though PC users may also find the option appealing, especially if desire smooth framerates above higher resolution gameplay. 

More information about Unreal Engine 4.19 is available here. 

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