Valve sees Half-Life: Alyx as a “return” to the series – Half-Life 3 confirmed?

Valve sees Half-Life: Alyx as a

Valve sees Half-Life: Alyx as a “return” to the series – Half-Life 3 confirmed?

This month will see Half-Life: Alyx release on PC with support for all SteamVR compatible VR headsets, bringing the series back into the world of AAA gaming after over a decade of absence. 

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Valve has confirmed that they see Half-Life: Alyx as a “return” to the series and “not the end of it”, hinting at future plans for the series beyond Alyx. 

At this time, it is unknown if Valve has plans to finally create Half-Life 3, but this is a clear indication of the company’s intent to release more games within the Half-Life universe. Furthermore, Valve has also confirmed that Half-Life: Alyx will feature a wealth of story content and new lore for the franchise. “Half-Life: Alyx is a full-fledged entry in the Half-Life series, both in terms of the sheer amount of content as well as the importance and substance of its narrative relative to the rest of the series. It’s a critical part of the larger story, and it does push that story forward.

When speaking to Valve’s Robin Walker, Game Informer received the following response when they asked about Half-Life 3. 

    Half-Life means a lot to us, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to refamiliarise ourselves with its characters, setting, and mechanics. There are Half-Life: Alyx team members who have been at Valve since Half-Life 2, and quite a few who go back to the original Half-Life. There are also people on the team for whom Half-Life: Alyx is their first time working on this series at all – and many of them certainly hope it’s not the last. We absolutely see Half-Life: Alyx as our return to this world, not the end of it.

Valve’s Robin Walker has also stated that “It’s not a bad idea for players to have refreshed themselves on the events of Episode 2 before starting Half-Life: Alyx,” suggesting that Half-Life: Alex will link in with the end of Half-Life 2. 

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