Vampyr – First Impressions

Vampyr - First Impressions

Vampyr – First Impressions

Over the coming days, OC3D will be having a look into Vampyr and the PC hardware that is required to run the game at high framerates and the settings that some PC users are better off disabling for the sake of higher framerates. 
Today we will be offering some of our first impressions of the title, providing a little bit of helpful information early on while allowing ourselves to have a more in-depth look later. We are not the kind of website that benchmarks the opening sequence of a game and call it a review, which means that you may have to wait for a few days before we post our full analysis. 

To start off, we can confirm that Vampyr has a locked framerate on PC, with the game providing a strange framerate cap of 62FPS on our initial test system, preventing us from achieving higher framerates. We have found a way to eliminate this cap (details below), though we will have to report back in our full report whether or not the change has and adverse effects on the game’s stability. So far, things seem to run normally at higher framerates.    


Vampyr - First Impressions  

Looking at the graphical options menu we have a mixed bag, we have plenty of options, especially in the Anti-Aliasing department, but we also have no dedicated options for FOV adjustment or Anisotropic Filtering, though AF could be available under the vaguely names Post-Processing Quality setting. 

So far it looks like Field of view adjustment is available by modding Vampyr’s .ini files, though again this is something that we will look further into in our full report. 

Vampyr - First Impressions  

So far Vampyr seems to run well on our GTX 1080-based test system, hitting the framerate cap when playing the title at 1440p at maximum settings. These framerates are from the first few hours of Vampyr, so please take this data with a pinch of salt, as later levels are likely to stress out test system further. This will be especially true when combat becomes more complicated. 

Graphically Vampyr is not the most impressive game on the market, though its visual style does a great job building upon the game’s setting by building a suitably creepy atmosphere. So far the highlights of the game come from the title’s storytelling, conversation mechanics and Sherlock Holmes-style investigations, with combat being somewhat less satisfying. Again, this is a first impressions piece, wait for our full performance overview for more fleshed out opinions and performance data. 

Unlocking the game’s Framerate

To unlock Vampyr’s framerate, players must find and edit the game’s configuration file, Engine.ini, which is located in the following directory. 




Once found, you must edit the file using a program like Notepad and add the following lines at the bottom of the file.  



Once this change has been made, you will find that Vampyr’s framerate will no longer be capped at 62.   


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