Watch Battlefield’s Reveal Livestream Here

Watch Battlefield's Reveal Livestream Here

Watch Battlefield’s Reveal Livestream Here

EA’s next Battlefield game will be revealed today, and rumour has it that the game will be called Battlefield 2042. EA’s new Battlefield game will be the first game in the series to be designed with the latest consoles in mind, such as Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, and feature an “Epic scale” and “All-out military warfare”. 

The name Battlefield 2042 is reminiscent of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142, giving DICE a setting that sits between the studio’s WWII and far future titles. Being 21 years in the future, the game’s setting will be familiar but feature technology that’s significantly more advanced than what is available today. This timeline also lines up with rumours that the game would feature a near-future military setting.   

EA’s new Battlefield game will reportedly feature larger maps than any other game in the series and deliver “game-changing destruction” that’s beyond what’s possible in prior titles. Very little has been confirmed about the game so far, aside from the fact that the game is launching this year and will feature  “massive battles” and “more players and mayhem than ever before”. 

EA’s reveal for Battlefield 2021 will occur on June 9th at 7 am PT/10 am ET/4 pm CEST. In the UK, these times translate to 3 PM BST. This reveal will be three days before the start of E3 2021 and over a month before EA’s July 22nd EA Play event.

You can watch EA’s live stream below. 

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Watch Battlefield's Reveal Livestream Here(Leaked Battlefield 2042 image – Source: Twitter)