Watch Borderlands 3’s Gameplay Reveal Here

Watch Borderlands 3's Gameplay Reveal Here

Watch Borderlands 3’s Gameplay Reveal Here

It’s almost here, Borderlands 3’s official gameplay reveal, the first entry in the series to release exclusively on modern console and PC hardware, promising to pack in more graphical yum-yum than the series’ previous entries. 

Borderlands 3 will launch on September 13th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the PC version arriving as an Epic Games Exclusive for its first six months on the platform. Gearbox has also confirmed that they have partnered with AMD as a PC hardware partner, ensuring that the game will be well optimised for Ryzen and Radeon products, and make it likely that the game will feature bespoke FreeSync 2 support, which will deliver gamers an optimal HDR experience. 

Sadly, Gearbox has not revealed everything about the new game, holding back some information until today’s gameplay showcase. The official stream starts at 6 PM BST, 10 AM Pacific Time and 1 PM Eastern. 

AMD has claimed that today’s presentation will be “powered by AMD”, which could mean that the PC version of the title will be shown. That said, the PS4 and Xbox One are technically using AMD hardware, so I guess that was a given anyway. 

Below is an embed of Borderlands 3’s official Twitch Stream, though we will replace this video with a YouTube VOD when one becomes available. 

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