When will Halo 2: Anniversary release on PC in your region?

When will Halo 2: Anniversary release on PC in your region?

When will Halo 2: Anniversary release on PC in your region?

Halo 2: Anniversary is due to release today on PC, but when will the game unlock in your region? John Nunyszek, a community manager at 343 Industries, has confirmed that the game will release at 8 PM PT, making the game’s release date May 13th in most regions. 

In the UK, this will place the game’s release at 4 AM (BST), which is a strange unlock time for European gamers. Junyszek has stated that Microsoft has decided to release Halo 2: Anniversary during off-peak hours to prevent the game’s launch from causing bandwidth issues in some regions.

On PC, Halo 2: Anniversary will support 60 FPS framerates, ultrawide monitors, mouse/keyboard controls and FOV adjustment, just like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Like other PC Halo titles, the game will also feature enhanced graphics options, which will increase the game’s draw distances and the fidelity of several other graphical effects. 

Like the game’s Xbox One release, Halo 2: Anniversary will feature the ability to toggle between the game’s original graphics and the game’s remastered visuals. The game’s cutscenes will also be available in classic and remastered flavours. 

On PC, Halo 2: anniversary will feature seven remastered multiplayer maps from Halo 2 Anniversary as well as 25 classic maps from Halo 2. Like other editions of Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary’s PC version will feature two-player co-op, either online or in split-screen mode.    

Below are the launch times for Halo 2: Anniversary across several major nations across the globe.


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