Windows 10’s game mode will be coming in tomorrow’s Insider build

Windows 10's game mode will be coming in tomorrow's Insider build

Windows 10’s game mode will be coming in tomorrow’s Insider build


Microsoft has now officially revealed their upcoming Windows 10 “Game Mode”, which is set to arrive as part of the OS’ Creators Update in Spring 2017. The update will allow games to be given resource priority within Windows, allowing the OS to offer enhanced game performance and higher average and minimum framerates.  

This new feature will be coming to Windows 10 Insider builds tomorrow, though the game mode is expected to see some major upgrades before it is officially added to the OS. Game Mode is designed to minimise any potential performance drops in-game and to deliver a more consistent gaming experience, with the mode being usable on both UWP and Win32 games. 

Windows 10’s Creators update will have its own dedicated gaming settings menu, where game mode can be activated and several other gaming/streaming features will be available to configure. 

In-Game the Windows 10 game toolbar can be activated by hitting the Windows and G keys, with game mode options being available in the toolbar’s setting menu. 



Game mode will be coming to insiders builds soon, though the new mode will only be usable with certain applications. This mode will officially come to Windows 10 wth the Creators update later this year and should function with all gaming applications. 

At this time it is unknown how much of a performance impact this new feature will have on most standard gaming applications, though at a minimum it should free up some additional CPU resources by giving gamer priority hardware access.


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