Active Media Ups Read Speeds with Predator GT SSDs

Active Media Ups Read Speeds with Predator GT SSDs
The new Predator GT series SSDs from Active MediaActive Media today crashed through the 200MB/s read speed barrier for SSDs with the launch of its Predator GT series. The two new SATA-II drives announced under the line each offer sequential read speeds of up to 220MB/s with 0.1ms access times.
SSDs are growing faster by the day as the technology evolves and more manufacturers take the plunge into this highly lucrative market. Manufacturers like Super Talent, OCZ and Active Media lead the pack with their high-end high-performance SSDs. Super Talent recently announced their MasterDrive SX SSD range that boasts of 200MB/s sequential read speeds to become some of the fastest SSDs around.
Upping the ante in the speed war today, Active Media’s Predator GT-SATA II line-up gives sustained read speeds of 220MB/s and sequential write speeds ranging from 120MB/s for the 64GB version to 200MB/s for the 128GB version. Both the drives come encased in brushed aluminium, with a bracket that allows them to be mounted in a 3.5in bay.
A new 8-channel controller and 128MB of SDRAM cache give the Predator GT devices a performance edge over competition. Already available at select online retailers, the 64GB drive is priced at $199.95, while the 128GB Predator GT will set you back by $369.95.
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