Buffalo Flashes Ultra-small 16GB Drive

Buffalo Flashes Ultra-small 16GB Drive
The miniscule Thumbkey from BuffaloUSB flash drives have been getting bigger in storage and smaller in size off-late, but the new Thumbkey USB drive from Buffalo beats them all. The new drive easily stakes its claim as one of the smallest ones around with its impressive dimensions of just 18x18x8mm (WxHxD).
Only slightly bigger than its USB connector, the Buffalo Thumbkey is all but noticeable as it juts out only by a couple of millimetres from your system. This means you would not have much to worry about even if you prefer to leave it plugged in to your notebook.
Despite its teeny-weeny size, it has an impressive storage capacity of up to 16GB. Other versions of this 3gm heavy device are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities respectively.
The stylishly diminutive drive is available in three attractive colours – red, white and black and carries a retail price tag of $136. It is expected to become available in stores by next week, though it is most likely to be introduced mainly in Japan.
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