Asus To Sell Cheap 7-inch Solid State Laptops

News Posted 17/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: TechNudge

ASUS logo

For those amongst us looking for a laptop on the cheap; AsusTek is apparently about to make things a little easier on the hip pocket for the budget conscious. According to the source and confirmed by ASUS, the electronics giant intends to release five inexpensive laptops this year, priced between $199 and $550.

Asustek confirmed reports that it would launch five cheapo laptops this year, priced between $199 and $550. The Taipei Times said the models will have seven inch screens using AU Optronics flat panels, and Intel’s Solid State Disk tech using flash memory and with capacities up to 40GB.
Intel said yesterday in Beijing that flash memory does become inefficient over a period of time, but if you consider the writes and re-writes, it is still a useable technology.

The pricing on these small laptops is certainly nothing to be ignored, and it may well make laptop accesibility for the masses more realistic.

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